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Atelier Yves Donval

First the idea, viewing it, sometimes I receive more than a dozen of this ideas a day that my brain revealed to my conscience, but I need the one.  
An one idea that takes my head ...  
So I dig, I dig and I croquette ... Here we are in phase two.  
These grains are just the opposite of my paintings, most of which, at least these that I find successful, these paintings are moments of life.  
My paintings are the result of an amalgamation of instinctual emotions.  
I'm slow, my grains put an infinite time to germinate and even more, to grow , such as trees, they need time .....  
This year, I give you to discover the story a tad surreal and exhilarating, totally CaCouïste "Le Grand Rendez-vous".  
And what is this appointment? With the Grand cacou, Matty and Matto!  
Those who play like crazy with Lady Moon and Sun Master in the Garden of Bois d'Amour and of course my new paintings on

Atelier Yves Donval
Yves Donval
12 rue du Port
29930 Pont Aven

Phone: +33 2 98 09 14 48
Mobile: +33 6 32 14 87 85
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