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Haute Garonne
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The Capitole at Toulouse
The Capitole at Toulouse
Charles de Gaulle's square
The Japanese Garden, remarkable garden in Toulouse

The capital of Occitania, called also the "Pink city" because of it's brick monuments, is a lively town with a population of 1.000.000.

Navicanal à Toulouse
The Canal in Toulouse
Cruise on the Canal du Midi
Sail away for a week cruise aboard Rosa luxury barge

Discover the magic of a stroll in the winding streets of old Toulouse. Nearly all of the great houses lining the streets have beautiful gardens and courtyards. Visit the newly renovated Saint Sernin basilica, the Saint Etienne cathedral, the lovely city gardens and the beautiful shaded banks of the Garonne river.

Toulouse is a high tech centre

The main aeronautics town of Europe where the Airbus A330 and A340 are made on the 330 hectare site of the Clément Adler Factory.
The Europeen and the National Space Agencies make Toulouse one of the main space research poles in the world.

Visit Space City with its hands-on flight simulator, the planetarium, the astronomic garden, and full sized model of Ariane 5.

Toulouse is a cultural city : Music lovers will enjoy the recently renovated Capitole theatre; symphonies, ballets and operas, with the famous Capitole orchestra, and even modern French variety singers. There are also many museums, art galleries, and exhibitions.


Toulouse has a national reputation for its gastronomy : Visit also the many bustling and colourful open markets such as Saint Sernin and Colombettes or covered markets such as Victor Hugo and Carmes where you can find all the produce of the region.

The Canal des Deux Mers in Toulouse

Canal's banks are shaded by majestic old trees. A bicycle track runs along the canal banks all through the Haute Garonne Department.
The father of the Canal du Midi statue, Pierre Paul Riquet, can be seen on the canal bank near his twin bridges, Les Ponts Jumeaux, and his Saint Pierre canal.

Where is mooring?
It can be either in the Port de l'Embouchure, at the Canal du Midi and Canal Latéral confluent , ou au Port Saint Sauveur.The last being more central and so noiseless.

The French Waterways Navigation headquarters is located 2, port Saint Etienne in St Sauveur.

In front of the cathedral
Basilique Saint-Sernin
The A380, Toulouse is the european capital aviation, and Airbus headquarter
Toulouse, always alive
Toulouse beside the Garonne
The museum of Toulouse
Toulouse beside the Garonne
Saint-Etienne Cathedral
Saint-Sersin basilique
The canal under the snow
The canal under the snow
The mediatheque José Cabanis
The Pont Neuf
The hotel Dieu beside the Garonne
The Canal du Midi in Toulouse
The Canal du Midi in Toulouse
The Canal du Midi in Toulouse
The city of Space in Toulouse
Toulousains guys
Toulouse, the Saint-Etienne port (do not existe anymore)