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Languedoc Roussillon
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In Paraza the first french bridge canal was built. It was then the second of its kind in Europe..

The château de Paraza in 1620 provided accomodation for Pierre Paul Riquet whilst part of the Canal du Midi was being built.To thank the Lord of Jougla, owner of the chateau for his hospitality, P.P. Riquet married his daughter to the lord's son. He then gave the young couple a series of seven pleasure terraces, planted with olive and pink laurel trees, cascading down all the way to the Canal du Midi's banks.
Protected by its castle, this small village is an invitation to leisure. Take a walk through its narrow streets and visit the medieval church, entirely renovated in the XVIIth century.

Where to eat :
The barraca
The café du Port

In town visit :
The Château de paraza
The church

To discover by bycicle or by car :
Sainte-Valière : medieval village , the bell tower and the fortress vestiges.
1 km upstream from Paraza : the Répudre canal-bridge
Ventenac-en-Minervois at about 3 km : the church , its wine cellar with tasting and visit ,the over-flow basin of Siphon de Ventenac
Canet d'Aude at about 3 km
Saint Nazaire d'Aude : aXIIth century town and its freestones aqueduct.