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Languedoc Roussillon
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A Lauragais small village with less than 450 inhabitants where the natural watershed of the Canal du Midi lies.

In a gorgeous park shaded by cedars and many other trees, set 190 metres above sea level, this is the highest point on the Canal du Midi. A beautiful and strategic site on the Canal du Midi. This is where the water flows to the Mediterranean side and towards the Atlantic.

Other remarkable structures can be seen like the octogonal over-flow basin where initially Pierre Paul Riquet wanted to build a gigantic statue of Louis XIV on a horse.
Originally the basin was meant to be another water reservoir but the gradual build up of sand rapidly challenged its existence.

Farther down one can see the famous stones of Naurouse made out of 7 blocks which in the XVIth century were well separated.
It is odd that these stones are the onely ones in the all Lauragais plain and the Naurouze stones have inspired many legends like the one saying that the end of the world would come when the blocks came to touch each other.
It is true that the magnetic field of this place has a very high level of intensity.
In 97, during one of the Canal à la Une bargees meeting , two elders related that during their chidhood it was a great place to play hide and seek. Today, one cannot even pass his hand through them !
In the XVIIIIth century , the descendants of the Caraman-Riquet family raised on these stones, an obelisk to commemorates the canal's creator .
The association of the village " Patrimoine et Culture ", opened an office in a great modern building where exhibitions and video shows can be seen on the watershed location.
The same team succeded in the salvage of the aeronautic lighthouse built in 1929 by the aeropostal .
They are also responsible for the excavations on the archeological site of the paleo-christian necropolis (400 years B.C.)
Montferrand still has its fortified walls and portal dating from the Albigensian crusade.
The moulin de Naurouze, awaits your visit with 14 sleeping accomodations in its barn and 12 lovely rooms in the renovated mill-house.
Mr. Not, the potter is a great place to discover the art of making local potterys.