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Haute Garonne
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Negra' was originally a stopover for post barges and one can see the stables, the ice-house , a chapel and the lock-keeper's house.

Montesquieu Lauragais suffered religious wars and was burned almost entirely by the Duc de Joyeuse in 1573. Officially it is found in the writings from 1271.
The Pastel allowed him to become a rich fortified city mistress of the Diocese of Toulouse in 1610.

Perched on the hillside overlooking the plain of Lauragais, this is small village with an architecture typically Toulouse.
Besides the ancient fortifications are still visible in places, we can admire its Gothic church and its remarkable bell wall, of  fourteenth century. This tower flanked by square towers boast five bays highlighted by machicoulis.

The lock negra was one of the four most famous of  Canal du Midi.
 In the seventeenth century, it received the travelers boat station for the "stopped off" of the first stage of the journey "Toulouse-Sete ."
It dates from this period very much alive, a set of buildings, witnesses of the event: the chapel, the stables, the old hostelry, kitchens installed at the center of the building, served dining rooms located on both sides in both wings.
There was also, as the Somail,  a cooler, but unfortunately it was destroyed ...

The Aqueduct Négra is also known as the Aqueduct Thésauque, name of the small stream that crosses. It is a red brick structure, attached to a small bridge "Riquet" donkey. It has allowed the output channel for horses or mules and postilions.

Négra is now a major stop water, but it is a great base for the starting point.

To see and visit:
- The Gothic church of Montesquieu,
- The old feudal castle of Villenouvelle 3 KM
Saint Rome, ancient capital of baillies together amazing and fantastic, highly heterogeneous than 20 buildings of all styles of Flemish neo-Byzantine built by an original late nineteenth century,
- The remains of the ancient fortress of the eleventh century,
- The parish church of 1815,
- The chapel Castrale sixteenth,
- The Romanesque chapel of Saint Martin XIIth

Outside the city:
- The village of Barbaira,
- Miramont Castle
- The castle of Badens
- The castle in the village of Aigues-Vives
- The Museum of Birds in the XV Douzens town. century