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Marseillan, former city founded in the sixth century BC, kept the character of a fishing village. Its harbor opens to the Thau lagoon. It has nearly 200 locations for various yachts and boats.

Nowadays, the city, while welcoming tourism, is a business focused on the farming and viticulture very active.

Over the centuries, this inland port housed the boats of the Etang de Thau, but barges and boats Canal du Midi, which often had to stop for the loading of goods.

Around Marseillan, wet meadows, populated sansouire is the kingdom of flamingos and egrets.
It extends to the edge of the Etang de Thau, a large lake and semi-continuous inside the reserve of Bagnas. The funds of the Etang de Thau are very deep and contain one of the largest seagrass of lagoon in Europe.
Through its connection with the sea, the Etang de Thau is home to several species of fish (sea bream, catfish, mullet).
Many oyster and mussels have been implemented. A specialty of the Etang de Thau are his Bouzigues oysters, oysters large, bright and fleshy taste of iodine.

The vermouth Noilly-Prat, in its border has an international reputation. it's a speciality of  white wine with powerful bouquets.


To see and visit:
The Church of St. John the Baptist, the XVII century,
The covered square, built of volcanic stone d'Agde has a beautiful structure surrounded by Venetian
Statue of the Republic is known as the oldest  France's Marianne.
Theater Marseillan: one of the last Italian's theaters of this department.
Halle aux Oiseaux, unique and colorful collection of hundreds of birds,
The edge of the Thau lagoon, the cellar Noilly-Prat, its impressive cellar and wine tasting,
The Museum of the City Collection amphorae, swords, bars, and objects found in the Thau lagoon.

Where to eat:
Castle Harbour, in a mansion of the XIX th century:,
The table Emile
Chez Philippe:

Where to sleep:
Accommodation City:
The municipality has a fleet of 100 bungalows, nicely located, close to the sea and shops
A Bouzigues, The Blue Coast Tudesq,

Traditional festivals:
It is the oldest tradition marseillanaise and it takes place every summer in the port of Marseillan Ville: the sport consist to jump on a mast soaped placed on a barge and unhook the two hats posed at the top.
Acrobatics and dive into the harbor to the delight of spectators, all accompanied by traditional music, oboe and drums.
Knights of the "tintaine" are in confrontation aboard boats red and blue for the famous joust. The club,  Lance  Olympic Marseillanaise presents his jousters at major events and in particular at the célébrations of St Louis in Sète.

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