La Poule à Vélo Victorien Antoine Bastet


Les Pigeonniers

Tarn et Garonne
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The country, betwen  the Atlantic coast, the Quercy and Pyrenean foothills is dotted with dovecotes.
Often with sizes small, round or cubic, or arcades with timber under roof, some are integrated into the farm, while others will be isolated sometimes in open fields.
They all attest to the reigning English influence in France for more than 400 years, following the marriage of Eleanor of Aquitaien with the King of England.
They were the means of communication safest and fastest among the English nobility in France with the England king.
Subsequently, although they no longer have this utility, they serve to breeding birds for consumption and provides droppings the fertilizer for multiple cultures.
Each year, at Valence d'Agen, Pigeon of South West Associaiton  offers an exhibition, "Summer Pigeon" which traces their history and particularism.

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