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Languedoc Roussillon
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Two steps away from the lock called " the criminal" Labordes is a small village with interesting medieval vestiges, remains of the fortified city sacked by the Albigensian Crusade under the leadership of Simon de Montfort.

In fact, this village was then inhabited by Cathars adepts!!!

Do visit the XIIIth century church with a beautiful baroque wainscot altar sculpted in 1679 by the famous Jean-Jacques Melaire from Carcassonne.
This 11 metres high wood gilted and polychrome sculpture , frame an oil painting of Saint-Christophe, patron of Lasbordes.

The legend says that this 5 m high giant helped the travellers in need to cross the river Fresquel using a tree as an oar.
One day , he helped a child as heavy as the world.
The child was Jesus and the giant Christophe converted to the christian religion and became one of its Saint. (story from Monsieur Jacques André in the canal du midi guide published by "Guides de découverte Vert-Azur éditions".