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The port of Homps became the third largest on the Canal du Midi at the end of the XIXth century.

It was busier than the Somail because it was one of the only port were boats could turn around and change direction with a simple manoeuvre.
Thousands of sailing barges and gabares were loaded with Minervois and Corbiere wine barrels bound to Sète and Bordeaux. The biggest shipping houses were established in the port ,and advertisment published by the J. Pradal House at the begining of the century mentioned Homps as the outlet for the "Vineyards and wine from the south".

An anecdote :
In 1850, the sapine Delsol arriving from Moissac loaded with 350 wine barrels shipwrecked upstream from Homps. For many days navigation was stopped in order to clean up the canal and pull out the boat.

Toady, many wine growers from the Corbières and the Minervois vineyards awaits your visit like the Domaine de Jouarres or the château de Bassanel and Chateau Sérame.

Of Roman origin, Homps still has a Romanesque Saint Etienne church and the Saint Michel tower from its destroyed castle.

In Port Minervois one can find all the services he needs.

Where to eat :
The Peniche
The Arbousier
The tonneliers
The clos de Muscat

To visit and see :
The Romanesque chapel and the tower of the Château.

On the outskirts of Homps :
Tourouzelle village at about 3 Km
Pouzol-Minervois wine cellar
The Wine and Vine Museum in Lézignan.
Domain of Simone Martinolle.
The Château de Bassanel.
The château de Sérame.
The Domaine de Jouarres.