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On Via Domitia, this city  would have very distant origins if we judge by vestiges found on municipalities, in the environments photohistorics, the houses ,  the villas Gallo-Roman and altar wisigothique...

Situated around the Oppidum "Ensérune", this village allows a considerable stopping place before the locks  on the channel  at Fonserannes.
In the city center, we can visit the medieval castle as well as the New church Year's Eve who contain a magnificent baptismal bottom of the XIéme century, placed just in front of the wisigothique altar. A sarcophagus of the VIéme century pulled  during excavations made during  the construction of the church, testify of the presence of a old primitive church called Saint-dove of Dovecotes.

The oppidum of Ensérune, old man of 26 centuries is a book opened on the various populations which lived in .

Rediscovered at the beginning of the last century, he has been fitted Italian-style and allows to admire very numerous archaeological remains.  Every element is strongly described and told on panels, of more the Museum  exposes an impressive collection of objects of times : currencies, parts of money, of armaments, amphoras, vases and antique crockery ..

Farther we can discover the pond dried up by Montady, surprising, almost disconcerting by the cameo of plots of agriculture's land of in wheel of cart and colors who at  with certain seasons, are magnificent.