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"Coculon Monté" was the name given to the place by monks who came from the town of Conques. In 1255 Edward I of England founded the town of Cocumont.

Wines have been grown here for more than two thousand years and wine making and its transport has led to the growth of many trades such as barrel and vat making, barge navigation and loading.

In the XIIth century, the bourgeoisie further down the river managed to forbid the passage of wines from upstream for centuries. The locals, in order to continue making their wine, distilled it, and the Eau de Vie de Marmande was allowed passage

The Cave Cooperative de Cocumont was set up in 1957 and have continued to promote local wines and the Appelation d'Origine Contrôlée " Côtes du Marmandais " was awarded in 1990.
The 900 hectares of the cooperative's vineyards extend down to the Canal des Deux Mers have been awarded the title " Historic Landscape ".

Just behind the Cooperative is Cocumont Church where you can see fragments of a blue and ochre-red medieval fresco.


Halte la plus proche : Meilhan (8.2 km)

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