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Haute Garonne
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Bonrepos Riquet lives happily under the auspices of his illustrious ancestor, Pierre-Paul Riquet (1609-1680), famous for having designed and built the Canal du Midi.

Under the panorama of our Commune, placed on the north side of the valley of Girou, stands the remarkable fate of this small piece of land at the gates of Lauragais: a castle and its domain of 29 hectares, the main residence of Riquet, where the great inventor experimented feeding her channel around a "Hydraulic machine" monumental, still preserved. This place full of history faces the Town Hall and the Church, symbols of the progressive construction of our Community. The heart of our village, picturesque outlines, is the pride of 240 Riquetoises and Riquetois.

Halte la plus proche : Port Saint-Sauveur (16.3 km)

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