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Haute Garonne
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The power windmill of Avignonet

Today, Avignonet-Lauragais offers the sight of a peaceful and charming village . Located on the hills, over looking the Canal du Midi, it had been the scene of many historical events like the Inquisitors slaughter by the Cathars knights of Monsegur.

This historical village built around the Gaulech castle is worth a visit . One can see the XIIIth and XVth century walls with the Tavelin tower dating from 1352. Take the time to dicover the Saint Brice church , the Saint Assiscle chapel and Notre Dame des Miracles church built in the XIVth century with its gothic octogonal bell-tower.

Up to the middle of the XVIIth century, Avignonet-Lauragais was an important centre for Pastel industry.

Leaving the village you 'll cross a XVII th century bridge by the Canal du Midi 's creator Pierre Paul Riquet. Port Lauragais area is well visited all year long and has a motorway service centre and a modern marina.

  • Shopping : The sweets called " the anisous", cabinet-making, gastronomy and art and crafts specialities.
  • June organ concerts.
  • Summer festival : international folk festival.
  • Autumn fair in October.
  • To visit :The fortified castle, the churches and chapel, the Cathar stele and the crusader statue.

Nautical base in Port Lauragais.