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Languedoc Roussillon
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The 2.5 km long corridor before arriving in Argeliers presented many difficulties for its creator, Pierre- Paul Riquet wilst the Canal du Midi' s built.

Most of the Canal du Midi was built using excavations technics. Here the soil being of hard rock the Canal was embanked . The canal's section from Toulouse to Bordeaux named " lateral à la Garonne" was then built that way.

From the vast necropolis which once occupied the place many vestiges can be seen. Today the medieval walls with its Calade Portal topped with the XIIth century clock tower surrounds the restored castle.
A walk through the old narrow alleys and covered passages takes you to the Cathar Square. From there in the heart of the village enjoy the shaded Marcelin Albert alley .
Marcelin Albert was a leader of the 1907 vine révolts.

Moor your boat in the mooring station on the left bank of the Canal on the other side of the bridge. Enjoy the visit of the galery inside the restaurant "Le chat Perché" where Gillian and André welcomes visitors in their renovated old house on the Canal's banks.

Where to eat :
Le chat qui pêche inArgeliers
Auberge de la Croisade 5 km from the town...