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The water games of Saint-Férréol
The Saint-Férréol waterfall
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The Saint-Férréol lake

PK 34.4 - Le barrage de Saint-Férréol

Next to Revel , in the Vaudreuil valley runs the Laudot river. It is here on 64 ha, that the Saint Ferreol lake was built by Pierre Paul Riquet. Its water capacity is of 6 millions m3.

This 871 metre long dam was the first one builded in Europe. the water is held back by a three walls dyke 35 metre high made from granite blocks.
The channel from the Montain draws water from the Alzeau, the Bernassonne, the Lamp and the Rieutort and carries it upstream to the Cammazes village whence it poured into the Sor.

Water withdrawal is made by two underground vaults called Voûte d'Enfer and Voûte of the Tambour. A guided visit allows you to discover the oldest draining dam system , operating today as it was when it was built

From the Thomasses the water of the Sor poured into the Saint Férreol lake and a 10 metre high water jet falls back in the Laudot river which runs in the channel of the Plain.

  • The channel in the Plain carries the water of the Sor to the Naurouze watershed.
  • The water reserve that is the dam of Saint Ferréol has a capacity of 6 374 000 metre3 ofwater.
  • Vauban betwenn 1686 and 1687, had the system completed by connecting the montain channel to the source of the Laudot via the 121 metre long tunnel of the Cammazes.


Année de construction : 1672
Halte la plus proche : Castelnaudary (14.6 km)

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The Saint-Férréol lake
The Saint-Férréol lake
From Saint-Férréol
The Saint-Férréol lake
The waterway after the barrage
The lake