Commune de Bonrepos NaviCanal

This Canal is a masterpiece that every one should see.

Journal des Savants, june 7th, 1688

Let's talk about Nérac

At the time of Jeanne d'Albret Nerac was the spiritual and cultural capital of the Bearn region. Visit the Château de Nérac, the childhood residence of King Henri IV.

Wander around the quaint winding streets and discover the wonderful variety of half-timbered and stone houses. Stroll through the beautiful Parc Royal de la Garenne of Reine Margot.

In the shade of the old bridge, Pont Vieux, watch the pleasure boats coming and going and dream of the intense river trade of the past.

At the Festival de Musique in Albret, from mid-July to mid-August, you can appreciate the high quality orchestral and choral music with both up-and-coming and experienced musicians in wonderful settings.



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Pictures of the canal